FNP-9: Personal Defense Handgun

My concealed carry weapon of choice is the FNP-9 manufactured by the renowned FN Herstal Company of Belgium. FNH has manufactured firearms for the militaries of many countries for decades.

I find my FNP-9 quite comfortable in the hand, and its controls are easy to find and manipulate. This firearm utilizes an interesting fire control assembly that makes field stripping easy and fast; however, if you want to disassemble for detail cleaning, that is a different story.

I love to shoot this gun! I have just under 700 rounds of 9×19 in multiple flavors with -0- malfuntions of any kind. I realize this does not a classic make; but it sure makes me feel good about this gun.

I carry it IWB with an Uncle Mike’s #5 IWB holster. I will purchase a VMII or Summer Special when they become available, but the UM works for now. When carrying OWB, I use the Blackhawk SERPA with retention. Locks in tight, and sturdy as steel. Well, almost. It also “locks” into the belt and waistband- it is a booger to take off; but I find comfort in that a BG will not take it from me.
Accuracy is dependent on the shooter; if I do my job well, the gun will do its job well. While others share differing opinions, I find the FNP-9 to be an exceptional firearm value. And fun, to boot!
  1. #1 by Martha on February 22, 2008 - 2:53 PM

    Hey, Bro. You sound so smart. Whern did you get that smart? I didn’t realize how much you were into guns.

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