Blogger’s Block

Wow- it has certainly been a long time since my weary hands poorly typed a blog message. I guess “Blogger’s Block” is a reality after all….

Life is good….

The kids are out of school now. Sweet Madilyn is attending our church’s day cmp this summer, and will be at church all day, every day. We have a spectacular program featuring lots of day trips, swimming, picnicing, Zooing (is that a word?) and other fun activities. She loves it! She will also attend the local High School Basketball Camp in a few weeks… She is beautiful, so funny, and such a delight!

I love her so much!

Andrew has completed his junior year, and is now officially a senior… in High School! Where has the time gone? It was just a few weeks ago I was holding this fragile babe, arms shaking, wondering to myself, “What have I done?” It was just a few weeks ago when he spit up in my shirt pocket as I was going out to lead worship at our church…. weeks ago, I held him in my arms as I baptized him in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit… just yesterday, we talked late into the night of his first broken heart….

Now, he works two jobs (mowing and church day camp) to fuel his truck and his summer activities, and I hardly see him anymore. Except at night, or when he needs some cash to carry him over ’till payday.

I love him so much!

And sweet Jane has completed her service at one of the nicer elementary schools in the Tulsa school system. She has become a victim of politics, however; she will not be reassigned to her school that she learned to love. Further, she won’t know where she will be assigned until July. But, she loves those children!

Jane begins her summer position on Monday at our church’s day camp. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, we will all work for the church this summer while Mads plays all week long at the church. Carpool heaven! Tomorrow Jane and I will spend the day together, shopping and arguing, arguing and shopping… and making up… we need to get a few things for the house. Jane is so good with our kids, and is the perfect mom… God made her in a uique way, a way that nurtures our children and loves and protects and pushes. She is such a blessing!

I love her so much!

And me-

I just go to work every day, come home at night, lay around, help out some with the trash and the dishes and the towels and the sheets… and soak in the blessings of my beautiful family. We will never be on a reality show for the most awesome family; we’ll never have a magnificent dream home built by ABC; and we’ll probably spend our time working for ways to stretch the dollar, get the kids through school, and still have some capital for retirement.

And as I go to bed at night, I count my blessings. I sleep well, because I never reach the end of the list.

Life is good….

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