Life’s Been Good to Me (So Far…..)

Well, ok. Now you’ve done it.

I hope my recent hiatus has served to offer some fresh perspectives on life in general, and writing, specifically. I hope to regain my writing momentum and offer my simple nuggets of wisdom on a more regular basis. Now that I think about it, nuggets are really just small bits of something larger. A nugget is just larger than a flake….. better to be a nugget than a flake….

Anyway….. Life is Good.

It was announced just yesterday that the world-renown recording group known as the “Eagles” will play the opening concert in our not-quite completed Bank of Oklahoma Center. That concert is in September, and I know where they will sell at least 3 seats.

My family plays their DVD from the Melbourne tour quite regularly, and quite loudly. And so, to honor the lyrics from that wonderful Joe Walsh song….

Life’s Been Good to Me (So Far…..)

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