Last night, my sweet wife and I had the opportunity to preview a movie by Sherwood Films entitled “FireProof”. Wow.

The nature of entertainment being what it is, and the varied tastes of the media consumer- even within the church- I seldom recommend a book or movie. I must, however, insist that you see this movie.

First, some background. Sherwood Films is the media arm of Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, GA. This church is in the movie business! “FireProof” is their third feature-length film, following on the heels of “Flywheel” and the widely-acclaimed “Facing the Giants”. The first two films are made up entirely of members of their church. Shot and edited by church staff members and writers Alex and Stephen Kendrick. A colossal undertaking performed with excellence and fascinating special effects from a Southern Baptist Church…. Unbelievable!

The film is about marriage; growing apart; divorce; doing the right things; reconciliation. That is it in a few words; however, the 2-hour journey from opening credits to closing song is a funny, serious look at real life between millions of couples. I laughed out loud; cried out loud, too. I think it is a fabulous look at how our Father can restore what He put together. See it.

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