It’s early here; 6:30 am. The canyons of downtown Tulsa are dark and windy. I’ve been here for a little while now, getting my tools and my heart ready for worship.

We have a service that lots of folks attend. We call it the worship service. It is the service in which we worship. Pretty simple, huh?

That leads me to two questions:

1) What happened to the biblical imperative to worship the other seven days, 23 hours each week? Why is this service not a public opportunity to express the private worship we’ve experienced all week long?


2) I think the hour (two for us) that we spend in the “services” are called service for a reason. We must not neglect our biblical imperative to serve others. While we focus on establishing what we are against, please, lets not forget that we are called, instructed, ordered to be for people. Not just those who share our faith, either. Our love for a Beautiful Saviour is demonstrated in the service we give to others, not just to the time we spend in church.

Now I’m ready for worship… and the service that follows….

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