Go Gators!

Go Gators!

There. I said it.

Tonight, the Florida Gators won the BCS National Championship in college football over the Oklahoma Sooners. They played a defensive battle to a 24-14 score. In actuality, a good part of the game was boring. Turnovers, penalties, just sloppy play. But that isn’t my problem.

I grew up in the shadow of SEC central in West Tennessee. It is an obvious fact that SEC football is the strongest, toughest conference in all of college football. I will put the SEC against any conference, and tonight, the SEC champs prevailed.

As a fan of Tennessee football, I naturally hate Florida. It is a well-known, documented fact that most Vol fans hate the Gators. It is a genetic thing, born from the depths of my cotton field and river bottom soul, that I just cannot change.

My team (the Tennessee Vols) did not play in a bowl game because they stink. So, I pulled for the Gators.

My problem is that I now live in Oklahoma.

All my Okie friends and co-workers are loudly and obnoxiously pulling for the Sooners. My competition shooting friends are worse than anyone in raising the merits of the Sooners and trash-talking the Gators.

It is not that I dislike Oklahoma- far from it. I just dislike the Oklahoma Sooner fight song. “Boomer Sooner”. What is that? The melody is not musical, and it is just nauseating to hear that collection of harmonies played through time and time again. Here, it plays on TV; cell phone ring tones; door chimes; baby toys; car horns; birthday cards. Anything that might play some music, generally plays that Boomer Sooner mess. And I believe that is reason enough to dislike the Sooners, the team representing the state in which I now live.

But that isn’t my problem either.

When it is all boiled down, I dislike the Gators less than the Sooners because they are part of the SEC.

So what is my problem? My problem is that I now have 8 months before I can begin disliking Florida again.

Go Vols!

I hope we don’t stink again….

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