An Historic Day

This day signifies a remarkable turn of events in our nation’s storied history. As the Inauguration ceremony for our 44th president begins, millions will gather in our nation’s capital to celebrate. Many more millions will gather around their televisions and will celebrate in their native tongue all around the world. As the most powerful nation on Planet Earth peacefully changes its leader, the world watches. Many nations envy our political system; our economic system, and our freedoms. While this country is far from perfect, and, depending on whose side you are on, is succeeding or failing, today is an unprecedented day in our history.

No matter whose side you are on, you have to be thankful for the system of government that peacefully changes leadership , with careful regard to dignity, integrity, and character. Democrat and Republican and Independent must celebrate today. No matter whether your team won or lost, today we show the world what it looks like for a Republic with a democratic, representative system of government to do what it does best- represent the people.

Will today’s inauguration of the first black president change the world as we know it? I doubt it. Wars will rage, people will be hungry, crime will continue to ravage communities and cities. No, the ceremony of his inauguration will not change the world, but his actions, his policy, his leadership as President surely will.

Good or bad, get behind the process. Celebrate your voice in the system.

Let’s party!

  1. #1 by Anonymous on January 20, 2009 - 8:40 AM

    I’m a bit sad, really…. the best in what America is is headed for changes we don’t need…. I’ll pray for Obama, and I’ll follow his leadership until it crosses paths with the constitution. God bless him- we all need it…

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