A Welcome Friend

I am sitting at my desk this morning, a fast computer and hot java at my side. In a few minutes, I will pick up a book and begin to read where I left off the other day… And while I have read parts of this book many times, it has been a while since I have spent any real time in it, listening to the words; thinking through the phrases. I am finding new refreshment in letting my imagination create the scenes in my mind- the backstory before the action makes the vivid images even better! What was once only “familiar acquaintence” is becoming a welcome friend.

I read this book in order to learn more about its author. I have been told about Him all my life- good things, difficult things. I know the author, and He knows me…..

But I really, really want to get to know Him and His Son a lot better. I am learning that the things I have been taught about them- while important and meaningful- are much more endearing, more intersting, and more incredible as I get to know them on my own. I am less afraid; more accepted. Less rhetoric, more compassion. Less dogma, more action. Less “build it and they will come”, more “live it and stop worrying about what they think”.

I want my wife and children to know where I stand. I want them to see the persistence, consistency and stamina of a Godly man. I want my family to know that the perception of Godliness is like a sheer vapor- almost everyone sees through it. The only people who don’t are other religious people who can’t see through their own veil of religiousity. I want to be real; I want to try and fail; and try again. I want them to know they can try, and if they fail I want them to know they can get up again, and go on.

That’s what I have learned so far…. only 46 pages in.

What have you learned recently? What jazzes you about new discoveries in the word?

  1. #1 by pace hartfield on February 9, 2009 - 11:20 PM

    Brother Eric? Have you held any “Midnight Cry” sessions lately? Do you remember those at Calvary? Not many showed up, but the Lord was there no doubt. Sarah and I are just sitting here thinking about those days in Jackson. We hope you are doing well. If you are ever in the DFW please call me! I would love to grab coffee and catch up.

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