You Never Know

This morning I had the privilege of visiting some members of our church community who are in some of Tulsa’s hospitals.  Our church is large (for a boy who grew up in the cotton fields an river bottoms of West Tennessee), and my ministry is rather specialized (media and music), so if you don’t serve with me, I probably haven’t met you yet.  Kinda sad….

Any way…
While walking through the maze of elevators and hallways that is St. Francis Hospital, I spotted one of our deacons, wearing shorts and a bermuda shirt, on his way to visit a friend and a co-worker.  We’ll call him Jethro (not his real name).  Jethro, who I barely know, stopped me in the hallway to compliment my music leadership yesterday.  I used what grace I was taught in accepting compliments, and was very happy that the music meant something special to him.  
I went on my way, searching for obscure signs that lead visitors through the hallways, and ran into a couple from our church that I didn’t know at all.  We’ll call them Tony and Siva.  Tony and Siva were there to deliver flowers to church members, and to offer some fellowship and prayer for them.  They stopped me, even though they had never officially met me, to offer the same compliments as Jethro.  Again, I was as gracious as I could be in accepting their compliments.  
After thinking through those events, I have reached some conclusions that may help others in their own journeys….
1)  You never know how God can use a simple visit, gift, or prayer….
2)  You never know how your behavior and attitude can affect people in a positive way; it is not about me, anyway….
3)  You never know what impressions stay with people; never wear black socks with sandals, shorts, and a bermuda shirt.  It makes people wonder…
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