What a Great Day!

I am so blessed!

I have written about my family in previous posts, and many of you must be weary of the bragging contained in those posts. This is another one.
This morning I awoke and headed off to church before the family was awake. Early church does have its drawbacks….
Following two fantastic services, I received a phone call from my beautiful wife. I missed the call, but returned it on the drive home. My 18-year-old son answered in the voice of a waiter at a Mexican restaurant…. but that’s another story….
I arrived at the Barron family compound to find a hot meal almost ready to eat, complete with our celebratory plate, from which the honoree is required to eat. Burgers, Nathan’s franks, corn on the cob, baked beans, home-made sweet potato fries- all hot and almost ready to eat.
In our family, we open cards just before the meal. And in our family, cards are both art and science, researched, studied, and prayed over. Time is spent to find the perfect cards, and this holiday was no different. I just wish I could share them with you- but you wouldn’t understand the humor of my family. After a the cards and a few minutes of final preparation, the meal was served- and it was fantastic!
I helped clear the table, which is a no-no on Father’s Day, but I wanted to help. Then we napped- almost all afternoon!
Wonderful leftovers served as our supper, then- off to the lake for some late-evening fishing. Today was a little better than yesterday- we landed four nice bass, while enjoying our family outing together.
Now it is late, and everyone is in bed. I just had to share my thankfulness for my family. So many are not blessed in the ways my family is blessed- others have money, possessions, power and status; I have my wife and kids. And I wouldn’t trade for anything.
I am so blessed!
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