In Our Own Image

In a Bible study tonight, my mind and heart were slammed into reality as we considered the historical Jesus. We spoke about His genealogy, his lineage, and his backstory. And we were challenged with this thought….

Based on historical research and study, Jesus was probably short in height, with thick, dark hair and a ruddy middle-eastern complexion.

For generations, we (in the West) have imagined Jesus as a tall Caucasian, with a strong Roman nose, high forehead, and flowing auburn locks.

Based on our lack of understanding of Jewish culture and history, it almost seems we have, in actuality, created a god in our own image…..

Just a thought…

  1. #1 by Mark and Kathryn on June 29, 2009 - 9:41 AM

    Very interesting – I'm hoping I can attend one of Dr. Roark's classes this week……~KathrynPS – good job yesterday! (-:

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