Lock Your Doors, but Open Your Hearts

It appears that our government is poised to introduce the largest tax increase in history, while in the midst of the most tumultuous economic times since the Great Depression. Energy costs will skyrocket, jobs will be lost, and the economy will stagger under the weight of it all. Change you can believe in….?

Now I don’t blame our government for all social and financial problems; just for recklessly making these difficult times much more difficult. However, in our culture, severe economic times may very well result in an increase in petty crimes- theft, burglary, and the like. Struggling families, desperate to provide for their children, may take terrible risks in order to continue to meet their families’ needs. And some, who are already prone to those illegal and dangerous activities, will be more bold in their arrogance and lack of respect for others.
We would be prudent to take extra precaution to protect our families and possessions. Be aware of those around you, both at work and at home. Lock your doors, develop an awareness of those around you, and be ready at all times to defend and protect your families.
While doing that, we must also prioritize the biblical mandate to share what we have with those who have less. Find a food bank, a shelter, or some other ministry, and get involved. When you shop for your family, buy an extra can of veggies, some soap, toothpaste, or other item to donate. While shopping for school clothes, by extra socks or jeans to donate to agencies that provide for families who are struggling.
These times will be difficult for all of us. But we can still share. If we all join in God’s plan for providing for those without, we are, in effect, protecting what we still value: our families, our possessions, and our heritage.
Just my opinion….
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