Joy in the Morning

The following tale is one that may lead many to exorcise the mental images to follow. Be warned; be ware.

This morning found me running a little late; therefore I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard the rap on the restroom door.
“Who is it?”, I asked…
“It’s me, Madilyn” came the cheerful, almost giddy response. “Oh, great”, I thought, as I stood there wearing only a towel and a mouthful of toothbrush.
“Just a minute”, I yelled, as I quickly toweled off so I could slip into the clothes that nobody but me sees; the clothes I wear under the clothes that I wear that everybody sees.
Whaddya need, Sweet Pea?” I asked through the final rinse of Colgate toothpaste. “I just need a hug, Daddy”, she sang. “I need a Daddy hug before I go to school”.
While my heart melted and I slipped on my clothes, I heard her say “I’ll just give you a hug through the door”, and she proceeded to hug me in her mind, complete with the soothing sweet sounds of a 10-year-old’s ginormous hug.
Now that just would not do. Still a little damp and barely clothed, I opened the door to see her standing there, with her arms crossed and eyes closed, hugging me in her mind. She wore a smile that could outshine the Milky Way galaxy on a sunny day.
Now with my heart full, I gave her the biggest hug I could, and sent her off, smiling the joyful smile of a contented little girl.
Have you ever seen another person’s expression when they hug you and they don’t know you can see their face? Their expression tells the true story. In my sweet girl’s opinion, it was better for her to hug me in her mind than to go without. Now it wasn’t a fake or pretend hug, either. It was all or nothing, open for all the world to see. And I was privileged to get a rare glimpse of the joy my little one gets from loving, and being loved, by me.
The way I was dressed, it’s good that her eyes were closed. My eyes, however, have been opened.
Love you, Mads.
Life is Good!
  1. #1 by David Bracher on September 22, 2009 - 1:26 PM

    Good post. These are the things I enjoy as a parent!

  2. #2 by Mark and Kathryn on September 22, 2009 - 1:55 PM

    awwww. I want kids. in like ten years. ha ha!~Kathryn

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