Get a Grip, People….

It’s official. It’s winter here in Oklahoma.

We have had snow on the ground for about two weeks, and supposedly more is on the way. Bitter, frigid temperatures hovering below the -0- mark are in store for us over the next few days. And maybe, just maybe, and inch of snow.

And so, all schools are closed tomorrow, some for Friday as well.

There is no milk or bread at Wal-Mart.

Church attendance tonight was so low that we didn’t take an offering.

And the internets are abuzz with criticisms of all kinds- critical of having classes in this horrible weather; critical of not having classes just because it might get cold; critical of those being critical…

Get a grip, people. Decisions have been made. Don’t waste a minute of your lives griping about a decision that was not yours to make. Not only is the decision not yours to make, the responsibility for that decision is not yours to carry.

Me? I’m gonna enjoy a day at home with my girls who are out of school.

But I’d better go find a store that has some bread and milk….. the weather is awful!

Life is good!

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