My New Favorite Mexican Restaurant

I must admit it; I am not much of a connoisseur of Mexican food.

Having confessed to what amounts to be culinary treason, and risking becoming the laughingstock of our staff, I simply want to admit that I have found a new favorite restaurant that serves Mexican food.  Well, sort-of Mexican food.

Most of my friends really dig authentic Mexican meals, the hotter, the better.  Many prefer a good Tex-Mex meal.  Me?  I don’t know the diff.  This week, I experienced something I will call Baja Cali-Mex. 

Some friends have opened a new restaurant in Tulsa, and I’ve eaten there a couple of times.  Man, let me say that I could eat there every day.

So whatever Baja Cali-Mex is, it is good.  And I don’t care a bit if I am outcast by our staff so long as Baja Manny’s is still open.

Life is Good!

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