First Dance

I grew up in a church (and denomination) where we were taught that dancing was bad. We were not to dance at any time, for any reason. My 16th birthday party notwithstanding (I had to dance with a cousin who shared the party), I have never danced with another person.

Until last night.

Our church hosted a Father/Daughter banquet last night, complete with games, pizza, and flowers. It was an incredibly fun occasion! My daugher was radiant, wearing black slacks and a red blouse (she had just completed basketball practice). Following the fun and games, we closed the evening with a Father/Daughter dance. All the dads and granddads and daughters and granddaughters gathered on the fellowship hall “dance floor”. We stood nervously, neither knowing what to do next. So, I adapted the classic Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers style of partner dancing (hand around waist; other hands clasped up and away) and as the music played and we began to move our feet (I’m nut sure you could call it dancing), I watched my little girl’s eyes light up like I have never seen. Not even Christmas joy could match what I saw last night. And we had such fun!

That dance will be a memory that stays with both of us for a long, long time. And I am determined to review my life so I can make up the dances I never had… as well as never missing another dance again.

And yes, I realize it’s not really about the dance….

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