Book Review: Living Life in the Zone

Most guys know what it means for an athlete to be “in the zone”: the jump shot won’t miss; every long iron flies straight and true.  But many men never find the “zone” in their spiritual lives.  Kyle Rote Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew have teamed up to take men on a 40-day journey to spiritual fitness and abundant life.  “Living Life in the Zone” combines Biblical truths with true-life stories by some of the greatest athletes of our generation to encourage, challenge, and educate.  Stories from athletes and coaches such as John Wooden, Kurt Warner, Allan Houston, and Tony Dungy help men realize that living their spiritual lives “in the zone” is not only desirable, but accessible.

While preparing for this review, I thought I would read a few chapters, and then write the review.  However, the well-written stories and intriguing layout of each chapter has left me reading, rather than writing.  Their writing style is easy to read, and the topics are captivating.  And I find myself more satisfied with my own spiritual journey.

“Living Life in the Zone” is perfect for guys of any age to experience the grace of God while challenging men to live their lives at a different level.  It is great for fathers and sons, for men’s groups, or weekly accountability and discussion groups.  It is good for me.

“Living LIfe in the Zone” is published by Thomas Nelson.

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