Spinning the World

It’s a fact.

Some days I think I cannot spin another plate.  I run around, working furiously at spinning all the plates that are, well, on my plate.  Creative worship planning; creative media production; maintaining contacts through The Springs; keeping up with visitors and members; learning to pastor a small but growing church; raising a family (some days I think they are raising me). And I look around at others with whom I share friendships, and I seem to be the only one who is always sweating, running, and swearing that there must be a better way.

There is a better way.

I am learning that I am not required to keep the plates spinning; my requirement is to be faithful to follow Christ.  That means that there will be times when I need to trust others with the plates, their balance points, rates of spin, friction indices, and minimum and maximum RPMs.  As a leader, I am learning that there will be times when I must ask for help.

So, friends, we have a church to grow. Help!  We have ministry to maintain. Help!  We have relationships to build where we can share the gospel. Help!  We have contacts to make.  Help!  We have video to edit.  Help!  We have video to shoot.  Help!

Maybe now I can take care of the few plates left that represent my family.  Unless you want to help with college, a new roof….

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