Highlights from Mother’s Day at The Springs

Today was a fantastic day, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on today at The Springs:

-I really enjoy my friends at The Springs!

-Jim Loftin is no slouch on the bass guitar… gave me goosebumps!

-Mother’s Day can be a difficult celebration, knowing that so many couples cannot have biological children.  So we celebrate our mothers, and the gifts they are to us, while keeping in mind the heartbreak of those who have no children of their own.

-There are mothers who, while having no kids of their own, have lovingly agreed to parent and shepherd grandkids, neices and nephews, adopted kids, and foster kids.  You rock, ladies!

-I miss my mom.

-Steve Jordan is a solid clock on the drums!

-Deron Spoo’s photo is next to the word “dapper” in Webster’s dictionary!

-God is teaching us so much about individuals and ministry.  We need to soak it all up and then GET BUSY!

-God has a timetable.  He is AWESOME and owes us no explanation.  It is our job to be prepared when He is ready to reveal His plan to us!

-Members at The Springs are so much fun to be around!

-Deron Spoo can really bring the Word!

-Pat Savage is the special sauce that makes the music sweet!

-I look forward to next Sunday at The Springs!

Life is good!

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