Book Review: Plan B

I enjoy reviewing books for Thomas Nelson Publishing.  Some books I enjoy more than others- and some books I need more than others.  This is the case for Pete Wilson’s Plan B: What to Do When God Doesn’t Show Up The Way You Thought He Would.  It was not available in my review cycle, so I bought it for myself.

My co-workers were a bit concerned for me once they saw the title; what is wrong with Eric that he feels his life is not turning out the way he wanted?  Are his dreams shattered? We had a good laugh, and then I began to read.

I believe all of us have at least some parts of our lives that do not go the way we think they will go.  For some, those situations are simple, with no long-term repercussions; for others, they are devastating and life-changing.  In his book Plan B, Pete Wilson tackles the worst of difficult situations that affect individuals and families and connects them with situations from scripture that offer what everyone needs….


Without a tidy bow to tie everything together, Wilson admits that his book may leave us feeling a bit empty.  However, with biblical support, he offers a beautiful description of the hope that is always available in Christ.

He closes with this thought: “I’m asking you to trust that one day faith will win over doubt, that light will win over darkness, that love will win over hate, and that all things will one day be redeemed….

God will finish what He started.  Wait for it.”

Wilson’s personal stories bring a great sense of believability and authenticity to this book.  Plan B is very readable, and I recommend this work for anyone who needs a shot of biblical inspiration during any season of life.

This book is published by Thomas Nelson and includes a study guide.  You may purchase Plan B here.

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