Like Lying on my Back and Drinking Niagara Falls

Hmmm. How to start?

Today I attended the first ever NewSpring Leadership Conference at NewSpring’s Anderson, SC campus.  Of all the conferences that exist, this one is a little unique in that this is designed for us to learn by listening and taking notes from pastors who are making a difference in their communities.  No flash or gimmicks- just guys telling their stories.  Excerpts follow, as I have not yet sufficiently processed my notes to re-write them.

Perry Noble, Senior Pastor, NewSpring Church, Anderson, SC: “Your crap can shut down the pool…”.  It’s a long story, but worth telling another time.

Francis Chan, former pastor and now purposefully unemployed and unencumbered follower of Christ to Asia: “God, if you put my life in scripture, would it look radical like the original disciples?  Or would it look like I am playing it safe…”

Mark Driscoll, founder and pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle:  “Do you want God to use you greatly?  He must wound you deeply…”.

Stephen Furtick, founder and pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC: “God’s past performance is the best predictor of His future action and ability”

Judah Smith, Lead Pastor of The City Church in Seattle: “We live in a culture that is highlight-oriented; like Sports Center.  Sports Center never shows what goes on in the mean time….”

Jud Wilhite, pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas (yes, the one in Nevada): “2 questions:  Who is hurting we can help?  and Who needs to be reached that we can reach?”

Andy Stanley, Lead Pastor of NorthPoint Church in Alpharetta, GA:  “Every time we take communion, we connect with the saints from the beginning of the first church”

As I recall and process this series of talks, I’ll share more.  Especially about my crap shutting down the pool.

Life is good!  God is good!

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