Thoughts from the day at The Springs

As promised, I have formed some thoughts about our incredible day at The Springs.  These are my thoughts, this is my blog, and so everything you read here is fact!

1. God is at work at The Springs because he is at work in me.

2. We have great workers who work with great enthusiasm!  So much fun to be around!

3. Mike and Cindy Perryman committed to join our church and invest their lives with us!  Woo hoo!

4. Mike Lemery is a great teacher and is our official cruise director, having great ideas and plans to help The Springs grow!  I love you, man!

5. The best worship band in Tulsa is actually in Sand Springs!

6. Andrea and Ezekiel came this morning to work.. and work they did!

7.  Trent Hamilton is bringing high school kids to so they can hear about Jesus.  That is AWESOME!

8. I invited three families last week… and will invite more families this week… how many have you invited?

9. Know any Desperados who need to come home?  Invite them to The Springs and then invite them to Christ!

10.  The body of Christ here at The Springs is a beautiful thing… My job is to teach and prepare the body to do the work of the body.  I am so glad to work with you!

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