Thoughts from The Springs

As promised, below are some thoughts from a challenging day at The Springs….

1) It takes a lot of people to make The Springs hum like a well-oiled people-reaching, Bible-teaching, worshipping machine.  I am so proud of our volunteers!  You are the BEST!

2) It is so much fun to meet new people who visit for the first time, to talk with them before the service, and then again after the service!!!

3) It is even more fun to talk with people about a relationship with Jesus Christ- that NEVER gets old!

4) I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- the best band in Tulsa is actually in Sand Springs!

5) Communication is the critical element in maintaining and growing any organization, and ours is no different.  I’ll continue to communicate with you and you with me!  Remember, the three most important areas in growing an organization, especially a church, are: a) communication; b) Communication, and; c) COMMUNICATION!

6) Family time at Mazzio’s Pizza following the service was FANTASTIC!  I met so many folks, and had a blast!  Good food, good friends, new friends, and God- AWESOME!

7) Steve Jordan- we missed you, man!

8. We had some missed opportunities yesterday; but opportunities are just that- opportunities to see God’s hand at work; opportunities for us to polish our processes; opportunities for people to be introduced to Christ.  Opportunities abound!

9) It is always fun and entertaining and educational for Pastor Spoo to speak with us in person!

10) I want to come back again next Sunday, and let’s do it all again!  Everybody ready?  We’re ready, God!

Please remember to pray for The Springs; to invite your unchurched friends and family; to open your hearts to the Gospel and the teaching of it.  Also remember to bring goodies for Katy Stubblefield’s baby shower at 9:00 AM- this is gonna be FUN!


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