Thoughts from The Springs

Thoughts from yesterday’s time at The Springs:

1) Katy Stubblefield’s baby shower was fun!  Thanks to those who hosted and made it all work!

2) Thanks to Justin for rolling that trailer in before the sun came up yesterday.  You are THE MAN!

3) Lots of high school kids visited yesterday!  Look out, now… here we GO!

4) Steve Jordan- glad to have you back, buddy!  Still praying lots for your Dad…

5) Special thanks to Brian and Linda, who spoke yesterday.  Rock on!

6) I really like the new stage setup!

7) We still need helpers in preschool, children, and student areas.  Who will be the next to step up and to get involved in what God is doing?

8) We serve a HOLY GOD; He has given us direction, resources, and purpose.  What is our purpose?  WORSHIP- to meet God as He is; COMMUNITY- to meet people where we they are; and SERVICE- to meet needs where we find them.  Our God is greater- if God be for us, then what can stand against? (Thanks, C Tom!)

9) My sweet wife is the BEST!  She just works wherever she is needed- and I need her ALOT!

10) If you haven’t had an “Oh, crap!” moment lately, let me invite you to get involved with God at The Springs!


I love meeting with and serving along side each of you each week.  See you Sunday!

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