Now, Where’d That Go?

So yesterday, my daughter, brother-in-law, and I were out in our front yard shooting my daughter’s longbow. It is a custom bow, made by a friend and member of the band at The Springs. It is awesome!

My daughter shot 7 or 8 times. Then it was Dad’s turn; I only wanted to shoot once, then go inside the house (it was all of 36 degrees). So I nocked an arrow, drew back, and let it fly…

The arrow landed in the yard, but with enough force to bury it completely in the thatch roots of our bermuda grass yard. Completely.

The arrow is gone. Nothing remains visible above the ground- the fletching, the shaft, the nock, nothing.

So now, she won’t let me play with it. And I owe her a new arrow.

Have you ever lost or broken something that belonged to one of your children?

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