Thoughts from The Springs

I wanted to share with our Springs family some thoughts and observations from the service yesterday.  I didn’t post last night because I took some extra-curricular activities outside with my beautiful daughter and her longbow… and hilarity ensued.

Anyway- here goes!

1) I love to see new faces in the crowd- that is always awesome!

2) I love to see the friendships that blossom while standing around the tables over coffee and pastries.  That never gets old!

3) The band was fantastic yesterday, even though we were missing a member.  Get well, Sir Loftin!

4) I honestly believe these next 4 months will rock this church and this community for Christ!  I can’t wait to unveil the plans and see how God uses them!  Church, LET’S DO THIS!

5) Deron’s message was spot on- download it at iTunes and check it out!

6) I love meeting with and worshipping with you at The Springs!

Don’t forget our next Involvement Class on January 16, and our next Baptism on January 23!  Consider attending the Involvement Class to find out what we believe, why we believe it, and why we practice and do what we do.

If you have decided to become a follower of Christ, and have not yet followed obediently in baptism, send me an email and we’ll talk!


Eric B

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