10 Things I Believe About The Springs

I am at my downtown office today, waiting for the completion of a memorial service for a well-respected long-time Tulsan.  While preparing for Sunday, I came across a list from another pastor to his church that I thought was exciting.  So  I made my own list of some thoughts I have about The Springs:

#1-  I believe the potential for the local church to serve and minister and create positive change in their communities is stronger than ever.  That includes The Springs!

#2- I believe that at the heart of what we do to serve and minister and create that positive change is THE GOSPEL. It has proven over the years to impact the world!

#3- I believe that the more we see our communities, the more we will serve our communities.  If they ain’t comin’, we gotta get goin’!

#4- I believe that it will be a difficult struggle to grow without active community groups.  We are working on a plan now to increase the number of groups and the frequency in which they meet, but we still need more small group leaders who are willing to prepare, to teach, to reach out, to develop relationships in those communities that help people feel they belong!

#5-  I believe that it is possible that some of the greatest Christian leaders the world will ever know are- right now- enrolled in preschool, children, elementary, middle school, and high school.  Ministry to Children and Students are some of the greatest mission opportunities the local church can invest in.  (I borrowed this one from another pastor, but I believe it!)

#6- I believe that- with God’s help- we are about to see impressive growth in the next several months.  I believe it will be a result of Springs leaders and members becoming more active in inviting, talking to friends and family, and PRAYING LIKE CRAZY!

#7- I am so thrilled at how far we have come in just over a year!  We have a great core group, and lots of friendships, and great potential.  And you did all of this while I am working through my on-the-job training!  I am at the office today trying to stay organized, trying to become a more efficient and effective leader.  Trying to be sure that your efforts are not wasted on my account.  I love working with you!

#8- I believe God wants to use our church to do unbelievable things in our community in which HE planted us!

#9- I believe as we seek and pray and serve, God will provide for us a fantastic permanent location.  We work so hard at setting up and tearing down, and we need to use that positive energy on people!  Let’s pray for God’s perfect choice for a location!

#10- I believe that if all of us take the advice God gave us in Galatians 6:9 that we would see Him move like we’ve never seen before!

So, where are you in all this- and what should you do next?


Special thanks to Perry Noble and NewSpring Church for the idea….

  1. #1 by linda casey on January 14, 2011 - 5:35 PM

    Thanks Eric. It’s good to get these special posts. When I see all the things that we have discussed about The Springs in an email, I know we are really on track to promote our church and the word that God has instructed us as His people to do. How exciting!
    Love and prayers for you for guidence,

    Linda Casey

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