Calming the Storm

I have been blessed (in the deepest sense of the word) to have travelled to Israel and visit some historical Biblical sites. I recently travelled with a few hundred men and women to Israel and Armenia on a concert tour.

I took this photo at the Sea of Galilee, in northern Israel. Caparnaum is to the left, Tiberius to the right. The view is simply beautiful.
I wonder what the Sea of Galilee looked like to the disciples the night of the great storm.  You remember the story- the storm raged, the disciples feared for their lives- when they caught a glimpse of Jesus walking on the water.  The sea must have been extremely rough, the wind heaving their boats dangerously from side to side.  It must have been crazy strong as to distract them from recognizing Jesus.  Or, it could have been the fact that Jesus was walking on the surface of the water even in the storm- they were convinced He was a ghost!  Or, it could have been their fear that prevented them from recognizing the Savior they loved and served…
When your storms rage, you can be sure that Jesus is there.  He may not appear like you hope or when you think is best.  Don’t let your circumstances- or the fear they bring- prevent you from seeing Jesus… He is there.  He is here.
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