We finally did it.

Following what amounts to be years of thinking, talking, and otherwise speculating, we did it.  We finally broke down and became pet owners. Again.

Please understand- we are not against pets.  We love pets!  Especially others’ pets.  We love going to our friends’ homes, playing with their pets, then leaving them there.  But ever since this incident with Sam, we never thought we’d have another pet….

You know, we actually had a dog once.  In another town we lived in, we were offered- and took- a tiny and beautiful Red Labrador Retriever.  We named him Sam.  He was actually reddish-brown, and when we got him at about 9 weeks, his paws were already in adult sizes.  Those feet were huge!  We soon discovered that Sam’s appetite matched those enormous feet.  Sam would not stop eating.  He ate not only his very expensive food, but he also ate towels that fell from the clothesline.  He ate vinyl siding.  He ate the phone lines and cable lines attached to to the side of the house.  And as he ate, he grew.  At nine months, he could stand on his back legs, put his front legs on Jane’s shoulders and look over her head!  Not to say that Jane is short… she is all of 5’2, but that dog was huge!  Sam was constantly knocking our kids down, dragging them across the yard, and was generally not much fun to our family. We knew he needed a place to run, to wander, to grow.  We knew we couldn’t offer him all that he needed to make him happy.  Sam was not happy, and we were not happy paying all the repair bills.  So, Sam had to go.

We found a local man who would take Sam and promised to care for him, to give him the good life he deserved.  So we loaded up the Bronco with all of Sam’s things- his house, his vet records, leash, food, favorite toys, and we headed across town toward Sam’s new life.  Sam’s new owner was not at home, but we were given instructions to leave Sam in the kennel in the back and he would be by in a day or two to pick him up.

So, slowly, we unloaded our beautiful dog friend and all his earthly possessions and put them in a 6×20 chain link dog run.  The floor was dirt, and muddy; it was unkempt, and evidence of its previous inhabitants lay in piles in the corners.  There was no grass.  There were no toys.  There was no food or water. But, Sam needed a new home, right?

It was a sad trip back across town toward our home.  All four of us were crying.  We felt so badly for Sam, but we really felt badly for us, for we suddenly realized how we loved Sam, the enormous-footed,house-eating Lab.  But being the practical people we were, we knew what we had to do…

…turn the car around, go back to his new owner, and bring Sam home.  And along with all his earthly possessions, we joyfully loaded Sam back into the Bronco and headed home!

It was only a few days later, though, following a return visit by the phone company to install yet another connector box, that we realized Sam really did need another home.  Sam needed a place where he could run, swim, to play like the puppy he was, far from the dangers of vinyl siding poisoning or getting a piece of coax stuck in his snout.

We found a pet lover who owned quite a large  farm.  The owners met Sam and immediately fell in love with him. So Sam now lives happily ever after on a farm in North East Mississippi.

Which brings us back to Bud.  Bud is a cocky Cocker Spaniel, born on Valentine’s Day 2011.  He has captivated the four of us, and we have fallen for this beautiful pup.

But he has huge feet…

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