3 Ways to Permanently Damage Your Reputation as a Leader

No matter the industry in which you serve, committing these three behaviors will damage your reputation and throttle your ability to lead:

1) Don’t Do What You Say You’ll Do.

No one in leadership will be effective if they don’t follow through with what they promise.  An effective leader must recognize schedules, allocate resources appropriately.  An effective leader will not overcommit and underperform; on the contrary, an effective leader will often undercommit and overperform.

Solution:  Do what you say you’ll do.

2) Don’t Give Your People What They Need to Succeed

The people who serve under you know when they are trusted, respected, and valued.  One of the best things you can give a talented and hard-working staff is to give them the best information, the best resources, and the freedom to let failure be a part of their growth experiences.  They need your input and your direction, but they also need regular reminders that they have your support.

Solution:  Let your staff know that you- as their leader- are their biggest fan.

3) Never Take Responsibility for Failure

At some point, every organization that tries to grow and develop and explore new possibilities will experience failure of some kind.  When your organization experiences less-than-desired results, your response to those results will set the tone for your staff when it comes to taking future risks.  While you should evaluate every detail, be sure to acknowledge what was learned, and to minimize the team failure by sharing responsibility for the failure.

Solution:  Share the responsibility for failure with your staff, and be sure to share all the successes with then as well.

What would you add to this list?

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