No Achievement Without the Effort

Few things in life come easily.

Granted, there are exceptional people who have skill or talent in one area or another that seems to lead to easy and instant success, but most important things in life simply require a certain amount of work.  I have seen many people in my years in ministry try to skirt the work by taking shortcuts, hoping that their situation, project, relationship, whatever, will change for the better without having the hard work associated with it.  I have learned, in my own life and by watching others, that shortcuts rarely, if ever, succeed in achievement without the effort.

I encourage you today to stop thinking of ways to cheat the system by taking shortcuts.  Instead, see the project (situation, relationship, etc), envision the desired win-win conclusion, and calculate the work it takes to get there….

And do the work.  Pay attention to details.  Follow through.  Now, don’t misunderstand me to say that you should work harder, not smarter; on the contrary, you should work smarter.  Work.  Smarter.

What are some areas where you can achieve better results by doing the work without taking shortcuts?



Image by Doug Savage

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