Grind It Out

Pro golfer Tiger Woods often uses a phrase to describe his play when his play is not his best.  When he struggles through a round, splaying drives in all directions, losing all sense of distance in his puts, chipping from one end of the green to another, Tiger will say that he is “grinding it out”.  Grinding is the effort to get through a challenge, to conquer a task, while struggling with the task or challenge:

“You’ve got to stay patient, stay in the moment, keep grinding, … You never know what can happen. And it turned out well.”    Tiger Woods

In all our jobs and ministries, we have pieces of work that, in all honesty, we just have to grind out.  For example, I am editing another week of TV spots for our church.  While satisfying once complete, the actual work of editing video, audio, syncing the two, encoding, titling, rendering, and assigning leaves me grinding to complete the task.  There is not a lot of joy in the work, but there is a lot of satisfaction in doing the work well, with excellence, and a great deal of hope that my work helps someone who needs to hear / see what I have edited and presented.

Don’t be discouraged by tasks that leave you dry and gasping for life.  Grind it out.  You never know what can happen- and often, the results can change a life.

What tasks are you required to perform that often leave you dry and gasping for life?

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