Changing the World

Steve Jobs has died.

While the accolades and the eulogies scream through cyberspace, the world learns more and more about the iconic inventor, pitchman, and leader.  People are sharing their opinions, their feelings, their stories of how Steve Jobs’ iPod, iPhone, and iPad changed the world.

Granted, Apple, Inc. is one of the largest corporations in the United States, and has holdings in the Billions.  At one time, Apple had more money than the entire United States. Granted, I love my Apple products. Granted, Steve Jobs was always cool in his black mock turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers.

But, here’s the thing….

Steve Jobs didn’t really change the world.  Now, I don’t take anything away from Jobs’ accomplishments- he really was a creative thinker and pioneer that I respect.  His products, ideas, and inventions made life more fun, more convenient, and more efficient for people who could afford them.  But isn’t the world much the same today as it has been for generations and generations? Hunger, greed, poverty, apathy… there is no app to solve those problems.

What a great guy, that Steve Jobs.  But let’s really change the world by acting like Jesus acted when he was here…feeding hungry people, loving lonely people, and offering hope and purpose.

That would change the world…

What is your Steve Jobs story?

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